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Fencing the garden protects the plantations from the intrusion of pests and intruders. It provides neat look to the house as well, apart from providing privacy. Our team at APG have years of experience removing, repairing and installing garden fencing in Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstone and the surrounding areas.

Why is garden fencing necessary?

Fencing the garden includes building a protective border around your garden in order to protect it from animals and intruders. A garden fence provides reliability and consistency. Some common animals or pests which feed on garden vegetables and plants are mice and rats. On fencing your garden, you will be able to keep these animals away. It needs proper planning to accurately fence your garden. There are several kinds of fences available. A homeowner should think about installing a fence around the garden in order to keep the garden safe.

Fences also provide privacy. If you have some friends over at your house for a barbecue day, then the fences will block the sight from the outside, thus, giving you privacy.

If the area of your house is home to large animals, then the fencing will need to be of a certain kind. The kind of fences that you must use depends on two factors: The first is determined by the animals that live in the surrounding areas of your house and are likely to invade your property. The second factor is determined by your choice of fencing, in terms of decorative purpose. Fences come in many shapes, colours and sizes. Fences can be made of aluminium fencing, wrought iron, vinyl fencing, pressure treated wood, chain link, wood fencing and more. The fence needs to be maintained in order for it to last long.

Fences not only provide security to the garden, but it also imparts an aesthetic beauty to it. It accentuates the look of the garden, providing compactness and a structured look. It improves the overall look of the house and brings up the property value.

Another important aspect of building fences around your garden or property is that, the home insurance may be reduced if the property is surrounded. The outdoor look of the house and your yard will be completely transformed if you install garden fences. If you are planning for a fence installation in Ashford, Canterbury, Maidstoneo or the surrounding areas our team can do an amazing job of installing garden fence for your house.

Tips to be followed for fencing your garden

  • Decide on the material of the fence that will be used for the fence installation. It should be strong enough to ward off intruders and also withstand all kinds of weather and temperature conditions. Go for the material which complements the look of your house
  • When you have installed the fencing system, you need to plan its regular maintenance. On maintaining it regularly, you will save future costs of repairs. If you want to expand your garden, then do so before the fencing has been done. The garden fence should be strong, durable and it should complement the look of the house and the yard. This is also something that we can advise you on
  • To maintain the fence installation, you can ask us to weather proof your fence. This will protect the fence from harsh weather and temperature conditions which will increase its durability.

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